About Us

iTopIt is the first self-serve frozen yogurt restaurant to serve Colorado Springs!

We offer 24 frozen dessert flavor combinations and over 70 topping choices. Our talented and friendly staff are dedicated to delivering a remarkable family-friendly fun experience


How Do i Top It?

Select the cup size and type (pay-by-weight or Weightless Fun Cup) you prefer and begin at the starter toppings bar.  Starter toppings are a unique part of the iTopIt experience - you can include something yummy at the bottom of your cup before you add frozen desserts and other toppings.  Starter toppings include brownies, fresh-baked cookies, granola and graham cracker crust.

Next you choose from an assortment of yummy frozen desserts flavors, which you pour yourself. Then, you get to top it with over 70 topping choices! The toppings are arranged like a salad bar, allowing you the freedom to add as much or as little as your taste and appetite desire. Toppings range from fresh fruits and nuts, to every type of candy you can imagine! There is sure to be something for the entire family.

When you are finished creating your own custom treat you simply pay at the register and enjoy! So the question is simply - How do you top it?


Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to deliver a consistently remarkable customer experience, so that our customers may create lasting family memories


We are proud of our quality, and our huge toppings bar, but our customers keep coming back because of the great customer service.  Our staff are trained and motivated to take care of the customer.  And we understand that customer service goes beyond a friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff.  It also includes operating a shop that is clean and inviting.  We take great pride, for example, in keeping our toppings bar clean and tidy even when we are busy with customers.  You could say that we are obsessed with cleanliness!  It also means that we are clear on our focus: our customers. Quite simply, we are passionate about creating a place that your whole family will enjoy, where you can create lasting memories, and want to return to again and again.


iTopIt is a locally owned and operated business dedicated to serving Colorado Springs, Fountain, Monument, Fort Carson and neighboring communities.